DPNs...am I the only one?

I’m just learning how to knit with DPNs, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, except that twice I’ve had to frog because I keep picking up my work after a break and start knitting with two of the three needles in the triangle…completely forgetting to pick up the fourth needle and knit onto it! Am I the only person who does this? It’s like my mind goes into autopilot and I think I’m knitting with two regular needles! :doh:

lol i only have this problem when i start a project on DPNs…probably because if i have decreased to a point where i am on DPNs i don’t stop so i don’t have that time to forget what i am doing…but yes, i have done it too and then been puzzled because it just doesn’t seem to be working right! :wink:

Heh, yes, I’ve done it :slight_smile: It is really easy to do.

I’ve also gone “backwards” and ended up with purl stitches on the outside… :doh:

The first project with dpns is a bit confusing. I felt like the needles were out of control! It gets easier.

Thanks for all the encouraging words! One other thing I’ve learned is that using the double cast-on is a must when using DPNs. I was trying to divide single cast-on stitches between needles, with unhappy results (stitches just sorta went poof). I had never done the double cast-on before because it looked too complicated :oops: . Well, it’s not!

:shock: OMG, I cannot image not doing the long-tail cast-on on dpns. I think I’d go insane! :shock:

I will have to say that I have done that as well but I have gone to the magic loop and I love it … soo maybe if you don’t get the dpn’s you can go to the magic loop… it is EASY and fun… well good luck on all

:shock: OMG, I cannot image not doing the long-tail cast-on on dpns. I think I’d go insane! :shock:[/quote]

What IS the long-tail (or double, for that matter :P) cast-on? I love DPNs and use them for everything I can, but I always just do the plain old regular cast on. I cast on each needle, though, instead of all on one needle and then slipping them.


The double and single cast on are described here:


I learned both from the “Stitch N Bitch” book, though. :slight_smile: The Stitch N Bitch book has nice detailed diagrams. With the double cast-on, both “tails” end up on one side which is extremely helpful if you slip off stitches to DPNs. As I found. :slight_smile:

Here’s Amy’s demonstration of the long-tail cast-on:

I use it for practically everything!

Oh please that would NEVER happen to me! NEVER! HA!

Ok, so in my first DPN project it happened SEVERAL times, and believe me, I know will CONTINUE to happen because I won’t think about what I am doing, but my biggest FUBAR lately was my picking up stitches fiasco where my circular needles ended up in some twisty figure 8 configuration where there was no way you could even bring them together again!