DPN socks question

So I’m making my first pair of socks, and I get to the part where I’m about to slip stiches to make the heel, etc. and i notice that the stitches that connect from one needle to the next are looser than the rest. I’m just doing simple stockinette for the leg part, after the ribbing of the cuff and I’ve been pulling tightly into each of these stitches as I move from one needle to the next.

Is this common? Am I just being paranoid? It seems to look ok when I slip it onto my ankle…should I even be concerned about it?


You mean you’re making the heel flap? The first coupla rows always seem loose to me too. But when you go back and pick up stiches for the gusset you can tighten this up. Does that make sense? :??

Plus, after the socks are finished, washing/drying/blocking will help even out any loose stitches. Don’t worry too much right now. It’s your first sock. Just have fun! :slight_smile: