DPN sizes u use the most

i am about to buy some dpns, but i can only buy 2 or 3–probably 2. i need to choose wisely, so i want to know what size dpns everyone uses most often in general, but more importantly when working with worsted weight yarn

When working with worsted weight yarn I usually use a size 8 knitting needle. If I were you I would get a set of a size 5 and a size 8. Those are the ones I usually use :thumbsup:

I use US 8 the most often with worsted weight yarn, unless I’m felting in which case I use US 10.5 most of the time.


What are you wanting to make most with them? For the Caps to the Capital baby hats I’ve been using 6 and 8, or 7 and 9 usually. Bulky socks with DK and worsted weight yarn can use these larger ones, thinner socks with fingering yarn will need itty bitty ones.

I use US 8 the most often with worsted weight yarn, unless I’m felting in which case I use US 10.5 most of the time.

Why? Is it easier to felt that way :??

i’m thinking of making things like hats, fingerless gloves, ipod cozies, and wristbands

You should also consider length as well. I just started using dpn and bought some 5" and 6" that I’m using for Caps to the Capital for baby caps that are 9-11" finished diameter.

I knit continental and find that the 5" irritate/dig into the meaty part of my palm below my thumb. The 6 inchers don’t. I also prefer bambo over wood (ie Brittany) in the larger size #5-#9, but okay for size #1 & #2.

i’m going to make sure all my dpns are bamboo or wood for fear of them slipping out

i don’t know what your budget is, but these are on the kh buy sell swap forum: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16581
i just ordered a set, and i saw lots of people saying how good they are. just a thought. :wink: i haven’t used dpns yet, so i am no help with most used sizes. hope this helps.

I have a bunch of Carol’s needles and they are fine! Good price, too!

I’ve been told that yarn felts better when you knit it loosely. Various patterns that use worsted weight yarns for felting generally call for size 10 through about size 13 needles. For instance, the ever-popular
Booga Bag pattern calls for size 10.5 needles. Hope that explains it a little.


Funny nobody mentioned size 3. I use those so often, for socks and fingerless gloves.

I use 4, 6, 8 the most!

I use 2 & 3 the most for socks… and my pair of 6s and 8s seem to get a lot of use… I haven’t had to use 9s or 10.5s yet though…

I don’t use DPNs (I’m a magic looper – is that a word?) but recommended needle size for worsted weight is usually 7-9. So maybe 7s and 9s? If you think you’ll ever use DK, maybe get a 6 instead of 7. You might also consider going up or down a notch if you tend to be a tight/loose knitter.