I’m knitting a top down jumper, using the circular needle is no problem but now I’m doing the sleeves using dpn’s but I’m struggling to keep the sts on the needles. I’ve only tried dpn’s once before for socks


Maybe there are too many stitches on each dpn? You could wrap small rubber bands on the ends to prevent the stitches from sliding off or add another dpn. I always became really frustrated using dpn`s so I finally learned music loop and haven’t touched them since. Best of luck!


Thanks for that I’ve done the magic loop or bunny ears as my friend calls them; I’ve been sticking my quilting clips on the end

Am I the only one getting this message?


I also instantly thought how many sts on each needle? How many needles? It might be worth investing in another set if they only come in sets of 3.

How long is each needle?

Keep with it and you will get there for sure.