DPN Project

What is a good first DPN project so I can get used to knitting with them. I’m so wanting to try socks but I want to be able to have a DPN project under my belt so I can get the feel of them. I really don’t care what the project is as long as it gives me enough practice so I can try socks. I have so many sock patterns I’ve found that I want to try and I start and I’m like all thumbs with the DPN’s and the thin yarn.

Thanks in advance!! :muah:

I have heard that hats are a great way to get introduced to dpns. Not having personally made a hat, I can’t vouch for this.

However, I would encourage you to go ahead and try the socks. It’s really not that hard once you get going, and you know that we are here to help you along the way!

I vote just getting some pretty [multicoloured] yarn, and knit a tube! You’ll get the hang of DNPs without having to worry about aaaaaaanything else like a pattern, or gauge. Then once you get the hang of working with four or five needles (try having your work on three needles for a bit, as well as four needles. I found someones using the extra needle just gets in the way and makes me angry, while other times, it’s too hard to manage the stitches without the fourth needle. If you keep knocking into the other, flopping needles, switch to three, for example)

The reason I love this way so much, is because you can do whatever you’d like with it! Want to knit four inches of straight knitting, and then give ribbing a try? Why not! Feel like throwing in a heel just to get the mechanics of it, what’s to stop you? Knit a bit in the actual leg pattern of your sock, and then think ‘what the hell, I’ll finish with a toe’? Even better! You just made yourself the weirdest shaped sock of all time, congratulations!

And once you’re done, you can rip it all out and reuse the yarn for something else. Or keep it for a laugh, doesn’t matter either way!

I think the easiest thing is to start a hat on circs and then when you get to the point where the stitches are too stretched put them on DPNs. It’s a lot easer when there is fabric already on them. Once you get used to that then you can make a little hat from start to finish with them. :wink:

I’d go for the practice piece, just to try it out. That way there’s no stress that you’re actually making something, just playing around with a new method. Doing the first inch or so is the hardest, the needles want to go every which way and takes some getting used to, but after that, it’s not difficult at all.


I started on DPN’s with a sock (Silver’s). I did mine in worsted wool so it knit quick and easy. I say just go for it. You’ll catch on in no time!

My first DPN project was a tube sock. They’re very easy because you don’t need to turn the heel.

Good luck!

A hat is great practice, but if you’re eager to get started on socks, do it! I also recommend using worsted weight yarn so that you can a) have more manageable needles, and b) see how the sock is put together section by section.

Also, I find it easier to manage the first few rows on dpns if I rest my knitting in my lap or on a table; that way the needles aren’t flopping all over the place.

You can do it, Dina!! :hug:

i just went for it. my first dpn project was a sock. it wasn’t pretty, but i got used to all the sock sections. then i frogged it and re-knitted. i was much more confident the next time around and the sock is beautiful, if too big. :oops:

and i second, third, whatever, silver’s sock tutorial.

Good for you! That’s what my first project was like, except that my socks were to small. I’ve kept them anyway–they’re my first socks, after all!

Yes!! I fourth, fifth, or sixth it! I still visit it for grafting the toe, and I’ve knit many many socks. :teehee: