DPN Grrrrrr [~Making your own wooden DPN's and Circs!]

why is it that so many of the patterns i am looking at require a 10.5 or 11 set of DPNs and i can’t find them anywhere EXCEPT in the $18 rosewood set? $3 set of Boyes? no way…just the $18 set…sigh

1/4 inch dowels are 10.5 size needles. Go to Home Depot, Lowes, any home improvement store and pick up a 1/4 inch dowel. Cut it into 5 ten inch lengths, and sharpen all ends in a pencil sharpener. Sand with ultra fine sand paper. Paint them or rub them with mineral oil, and viola! :thumbsup:

Read this for more info. :slight_smile:

i just made some last week

check this one out also it has pictures

here r mine along w/ somr circulars that i made

here they unpainted

Brendajos I had to do what Silver said made them out of rods… Now yesterday I went out to a local hardware store which I hate doing cause I’m a girl :rollseyes: as soon as I walk in the all run towards me what do you need? I just need to know where you keep the dowel rods ohhh I’ll take ya… well if ya point me in the directions I’ll be ok… no thats alright come this way why do you need them… making needles… chuckles your what… making knitting needles… you can’t make needles!!.. yes you can already made some just having trouble finding dowels to make 5,6,and 7s… oh well come on… so I pull out my needle gauge a thing… he takes it from me says I’ll find the correct size… I said thats really ok I’ve done this before… no thats alright… starts with the bigger ones I’m thinking that ain’t gonna work but just stand there… finally he says hold on he goes and starts putting nails through the gauge… comes back and says sorry you won’t find dowels in those sizes why don’t you just run to HL or Joanns and buy ya some already made that is the easiest way for ya… I look at him and say umm… no first off have to drive an hour to get there second by the time I use the gas to get there I couldn’t get the needles!! Took my gauge and left grrrr makes me mad when men think we can’t do anything :twisted:

Brendajosos NRs are coming to you soon :waving:

i got my dowels from the dreaded walmart… i know how much everyone hates wamart… but i still like it! :happydance: and i go there almost everyday practically!!! and my kids chant WALMART WALMART! till i tell the to shut it up! :happydance:

kUDOS on everyone’s needles…look great…Bren…I get mine @ www.knitting-warehouse.com or www.yarn-store.com (yarnstore will have them to you in 2 days!). I am just not a needle making girl :smiley: . Just like I’m not a spinner…like to have my yarn & needles ready to go when I get them…lol!! NOT that there’s anything wrong with making your yarn & nedles…I think that’s very cool; just not :fingerwag: my thing :wink: .

Koolbreeze thats where I got my dowels but they didn’t have the size I needed so went to the hardware store lol… :thumbsup:

:shock: Wow Koolbreeze, those circs look fantastic!!!

Okay, be honest…How does that join function. Have you tried them out? Is the join smooth enough to not catch? Is it firm enough for the cable to stay in with the super glue?

Love the weed wacker cable. Brilliant! :thumbsup:

dustinac…love that story! Fortunately most of the people in “my” Home Depot are pretty good at backing off if you don’t need help. I know exactly what you are talking about though :wink:

~amy~ i haven’t tried them out yet… :oops: i hadn’t even thought to try them. i’m still basking in the thought that i made them and they turn out so well! would suck if they suck!!!

Didn’t mean to put you on the spot! Even if they’re not perfectly flawless at the join, you can still use them, and use them with pride. Congrats on making them!!!

I once watched a friend take a pair of 32" large circs and actually cut the cable with scissors to make them into 20" circs. (As I stood aghast! LOL) She duck-taped the join together, and proceeded to knit away happily! :shock: She just slipped the large stitches over the tape manually when they caught (which they all did). But she said she didn’t have a use for such a large cable needle, and didn’t mind the inconvenience of the tape if it meant not buying a new pair. (I would have told her about magic loop knitting, but she was too quick with those scissors!! LOL) So, as I said, the join doesn’t need to be flawless to work!! :roflhard:

But I’m truly curious if they may actually be very nice at the join. I’d love to add at least a mention of it along with the video on making DPN’s, and I want to know to what degree I can brag about them. :wink:

I would guess that one would want to sand down the wood to almost meet the cable, but not too much to make the wood so thin that it would splinter and bend when the cable flexed at the join. I was thinking you could fill in what’s left of that transition from wood to cable, with some flexible-when-tried glue, like Shoe-Goo. The smoother the step from cable to needle, the less fussing. …I wonder how close to professional circs one could actually get?

In any case, I love the idea of making your own circs!! Thanks for sharing the link and your pics Koolbreeze!

you’re welcome!

as far as the join. i tapered the wood down as close as i could and then gkuesd it with white glue for a smooth finish. i covered the wood and the cord so you can’t even see it. i used a brush to brush it on and smmothed it over the wood…

brag on girlfriend… :smiley: what ever you need! you should try to make a pair to make it authentic! :wink:

So how do you make a hole in the dowel if you don’t have that fancy drill? Can you just take s crew and manually make a hole or bang a nail in it?

I also would like the answer to the last question.

Also, what is a Demrel (sp?) drill. Never heard of it.

I once attempted to make some needles from dowls also. When attempting to use them, the wook of the dowl caused so much friction that the yarn wouldn’t move. What could I have done to make the needles super smooth and functional?

By the way, what did you put on your needles that is red? Does that help the smoothness?

femi and blue ~ i have no idea what other way 2 make the hole… it was somewhat difficult to make a hole is such a small area… if you have strong steady hands you’ll b ok. it was my first time using it thou!

a Dremel is a handheld drill. very light and easy to handle.

ultra fine sand paper will smooth it very smooth and slick!