DPN bag

This is a little bag I made out of (aaacck) the new Red Heart Strata. I had to do something with it, rather than throw it out. Don’t buy this yarn. It is crunchier than super chunk peanut butter. :roflhard:
I succumbed because it was worsted weight and self-striping. I had other ideas for it (baby stuff) but NO WAY. It would probably cut the baby.

Ooooh, I really like the bag. What a great idea for needle storage. What pattern did you use?

No pattern. Just knit in the round from the top down on DPNs. I think I cast on 34 stitches, knit in stockinette for several rows, eyelet row, several more rows of stockinette, another eyelet row for the drawstrings, stockinette the rest of the way to the bottom, kitchenered the bottom then folded the top at the first eyelet row to make a picot edge and hemmed that. Then made two 3-stitch I-cords for the drawstrings.

That is so clever and cute! What a great idea.

That is adorable! What a creative idea!

I love the look of the yarn; and what a clever idea! :happydance:

Cute and cleaver bag but please don’t cut the babies!

yeah that yarn does LOOK very pretty but i do know how much red heart is lacking in the softness department

AAaaawww! How cute!!! You did a GREAT JOB on it! Is it stiff? I’m wondering why it would “cut the baby”?? (I haven’t looked at any of it in stores, that I know of.)

great colors! You sure won’t lose that in a bag! Great job

What a GREAT idea! It looks wonderful!

[b][color=indigo]The yarn is crunchy to work with, but like most acrylics, washes into a beautiful soft product.

Did you line the bag? [/color][/b]

Daily, I am amazed at the creative of the people who post here!

I love this item! My longer Options DPNs don’t fit in the black case, and I’ve debated about how to store them. This is a GREAT solution!

You GO GIRL! :cheering:

I didn’t bother lining it because my DPNs are in their original packages anyway, see in the first photo? But a lining would be a really good idea for loose needles.

It is crunchier than super chunk peanut butter. Rolling On Floor Laughing Hard

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

From necessity, the creative genius arises yet again!! :rofl: Love it!

LOL about the crunchy yarn :roflhard:

The bag is super cute though - great job!

fun FUN fun colors