DPN advice needed

OK… I made the merino dragon. Love it… sent it to DD … She loved it.

Now, she wants BIG Dragon!

I know I can get DPN’s in 10 10.5 & 11… but they are only 8" long.

If I use bulky yarn… (She wants BIG BIG Dragon), I won’t be able to handle the 30+ stitches needed in parts of the dragon.

Any suggestions?

I’m not that good at making needles… & I have no idea how long I would need them…

(grandson’s name is Draco- which meands Dragon…)

could you use circulars? just like DPNs but with cables :slight_smile: what does your dragon look like? love to see him too

I really don’t think circ’s would work… I have to do the 3 needle bind off to make his spikes…

It starts out w/ 3 stitches… and goes up to 41 I think.

The pattern was on the Merino site… I accessed it from here… I’ll look and post it.

I’m probably going to have to break down & make my needles. I’m not very crafty, but I think I can sand & sharpen. I only need 3, so maybe one long dowel stick would work. I just have to get the right size.

It is soo cute, I have orders for 2 others, plus the big one for my DD now.

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh too cute!!!

that is cute :inlove: i think someone on our boards made size 13 dpns and used a 'giant’pencil sharpener for the ends. maybe you could do that?

Hmmm…I know Morehouse Farm Merino sells 10" DPN’s on the website (http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingEssentials/Needles/), but I don’t know how much that extra 2" will help you. :think:

You can do a 3 needle BO with the stitches on the circs and any other needle (straight or dpn) of the same size for the BO. If you don’t have another the same size, use whatever one you have to sub for one of the ends of the circs and use the circular end to to the BO.

You can use circs and use one of your DPN’s (or another needle) to do the 3 needle bind-off. I do it that way all the time!

I was going to say something like this as well - when I first did a pair of socks, I had to start them in magic loop on a circ because I couldn’t manage to cast on with the dpns, then I switched to the dpns at a later point.