I want to enter a knit picture for the Knitty contest. The picture has to be 72 dpi. How do I do this? Can anyone help me. The deadline is tomorrow (8/17).

Hi Dreamsherl,
DPI is just the resolution of your image, dots per inch. Higher resolution photos have more dots per inch and are usually larger images.

I’d be happy to help you reduce or double-check the resolution of your image, I have Adobe Photoshop! I’ll PM my email address if you’d like help – I’m here until 5pm EST!

Thanks. I’ll send them im in a few minutes.

Zebstriped, I sent the email but forgot to put anything in the subject box. I’m off to work now. I’ll check back later tonight.

So no changes were necessary! I wasn’t sure how to tell you to determine what resolution your camera was, but it probably says in the manual that it’s 72 dpi. Good luck with your submission!