Dp needles

I have a pattern that calls for size 4- 10 inch needles, where do I find them.

Also, this pattern says these needles should produce a guage of 3 sts and 6 rows to an inch in ribbing, and 6sts and 7 rows in plain knitting, does this sound reasonable when using worsted?

Are you looking for somewhere online? This sitehas tons of needles, though I haven’t used the site before so I can’t vouch for them!

Hmm, I’m not sure about the gauge part. I remember seeing a link to a good chart somewhere on this forum, but I have no idea where!

The gauge is for the pattern, not necessarily for the needles. If you use the sz 4 needles and your gauge is different from the measurement they give you for the pattern, you need to change needle sizes. If your gauge is off, either too big or too small, then they thing you’re trying to make won’t be the right size.

I know others have answered you in a more timely manner.

After seeing your post and the ones which followed, I couldn’t help but wonder if you’ve checked out the “how-to” video’s here. Amy has instructions on how to make your own knitting neecles on this page…saving you money and hassles in the future, if you find your gauge is off for the pattern, simply make a smaller or larger set. :slight_smile: