Downton Abbey KAL

Anyone watch Downton Abbey? I’m thinking of doing the season 4 KAL. I need to find some yarn I can use though since I can’t use wool. :think:

Maybe a cotton blend? I was just looking at Little Knits but didn’t see anything in the no-wool that screamed Downton Abbey. You might check it.

I don’t care about the color being Downton Abbey particularly. I might run over to the yarn store today and see what they have.

I love Downton Abbey, but I don’t think I could knit while watching it. It’s one of those shows that take my entire concentration, esp when the Lady Countess starts in with her quips :happydance:

Now Doctor Who, which I also love, is great for a KAL. I got some old Tom Baker era DVDs for Christmas and have been happily knitting my season 18 Doctor Who scarf while watching them :heart:

Good luck tho. Once you find your wool, have you decided what you will knit?

It’s a KAL so everyone will be knitting the same thing…in this case a shawl.

I can’t knit and watch either (nor can many others) so I plan to work on it during the week between shows.

ah, ok. I guess i misunderstood the term “knit along”. Either way have with it. And enjoy season 4 of Downton - Can’t wait! (sniff**whimper Poor Matthew :waah: :waah: )

Yeah, that bites!! :noway:

Got my yarn! Told DH not to ask how much it was…just better if he doesn’t know. At least till he checks the ATM account. I very rarely buy myself nice yarn so I’m not worried. :teehee:

It’s Sweet Georgia in a colorway called cherry. It’s the wrong weight so let’s hope it works! :zombie:

That’s beautiful yarn and will make a gorgeous shawl. I’m glad you got silk and hope the wool doesn’t bother you. I don’t think you would have chosen the yarn if you really thought it would be a problem so I expect it will be fine. Enjoy!

Love the cherry colorway, Jan. Have fun, and pics please! (anytime you feel like posting some…).
I also love Downton Abbey.

Are you allergic to wool?

Not allergic, just extremely sensitive. I can knit with it fine, but can’t have it touching my neck. Some wools are slightly softer. The yarn I’m using for this shawl is wool/silk. I “think” I will be able to tolerate it. We will see.

I’m halfway through the redo so will post some photos soon.