Doubleknit Cable Hat?

Is that possible? Of course it is! But how? :slight_smile:
I see a lot of double knit just knit, or designs with colors, but I want cables! One side could be cables and the other side flat…help?
thanks guys

What you can do is knit a plain hat with a provisional cast-on. When that hat is done, pick up the provisional stitches purl a row to fold it and then knit your cabled hat.

When you’re done, you can stuff one into the other. Here’s an example that I made that has two plain hats. I like the idea of cabling one, though.:thumbsup:

Is there anyway to do this the doubleknit style instead of the double layered style? Double knit meaning you knit both layers at the same time. (like this tutorial shows here: Becuase when you tuck one hat into the other with the style you showed, it’s not fastened to itself and I don’t want it to move about inside there, ya know? I want it to be fixed to itself. Does that make sense?
Good job on your hat by the way :slight_smile:

That, I don’t know. I’ve seen all kinds of double knit with colors, but not with cables. :shrug: You could sew the inside of the hat to the outside if you did a double one.

here is a double knit hat you could add cables to it is knit from end to end
Fixed my duh moment

Working out new things to do with double knitting is my favorite thing to do. Anyone who wants to know how to do this, please pm me and as soon as I finish my Christmas knitting, I will work out the technique and pm you back with how to do it and a pattern.
I have never seen it done before, but I am confident that it can be done. I think it will need two cable needles.

Thanks Jess, I pmed you. Can’t wait! :slight_smile: I am totally confident with you, Girl! I know it can be done!!
Momwolf, the link you posted shows a beaded knit…is that what you meant to show?

Duh I was answering to many questions at one time

Figuring how to do cables in the round would make it work
as long as they were not to deep a cable (only a few stitches wide) even doing the double knitting, cabling SHOULD work
NOW, if anyone knows how to make the decreases less visible, its something I need to know. So far either I have to slip stitches off the needles to make the outside stitches side by side, as well as the inside stitches side by side, the only other way is to decrese both sides at once with BOTH colors showing in the decreased stitch
any input??


ecb, those are the two decrease methods I am aware of - either slip stitches off the needle and arrange them in the correct order, or else slip the stitches to the correct location (or knit each set of two into one).
I actually think I’ve figured out (in theory) how to do any size cable you want. I just have to check to be sure it works!

Check out the Knitty article on doing 2 socks simultaneously this way. The comments on decreasing should help you clarify the cabling problems.


Okay, to give you guys an idea of what I am trying to design I made this for you (&me). Now, I have a question. With the hats you guys showed me where you tuck one into the other, you don’t knit those at the same time, right? It’s one, then the other connected?

Yes, when you knit one that can be tucked into the other, they are describing a process where the inside is knit before or after the outside.

What is this technique, then? Isn’t this the same concept, but it’s knit at the same time?

Doubleknitting creates two layers, one inside the other, but they are knit at the same time, and you can either make it so that the layers can be seperated, or if you do any color changes (or a certain type of increase or decrease), the design will show on both sides in reverse colors. I like it because I don’t like doing increases, but don’t mind decreases. Both techniques will result in a double layer hat. They’re just constructed differently - they each have advantages and disadvantages. (Obviously I’m an advocate of double-knit).

And you’re turning me into one, Jess_hawk! :slight_smile:

:twisted: , I mean… :angelgrin: