"Double" yarn?

Hi all,

The pattern says, “Use double yarn,” but nowhere can I find what that means. It doesn’t say “doubled yarn”, but is that what it means anyway? What is ‘double yarn’?:wall:

Does the pattern give any other instructions as to yarn/guage? What are you making?

To me it sounds like they want you to double the yarn, i.e. hold two strands at the same time.

Otherwise they would have said to use “DK weight” yarn or “double weight” yarn.

It probably means to use the yarn double stranded, yes. What are you making and what size needles does it use?

It varies. The instruction is given at the beginning of the book, not specific to a pattern. It just says, “For most of these patterns you’ll use double yarn.” I thought it meant ‘doubled’ yarn, but then she goes on to say, “So you’ll want to go get double yarn.” Go get it??? That’s what confused me. It’s for the book “Knitted Fast Food” by Susie Johns. I managed to successfully knit the prawns with ‘regular’ yarn–just because I couldn’t wait and didn’t read the introduction…

So I just thought I’d ask.

Thanks all for your help! :slight_smile:

It could mean DK - double knit - weight then.

Okay, I found some of her patterns on ravelry, and they do call for DK weight. That’s a little thinner than worsted, or you could double sock yarn and it would be about the same.