Double wrapped stitches?

I’m making some itty bitty baby socks with a short-row heel. Some of the stitches get wrapped (wrap and turn) and then get wrapped a second time on another pass. Do I just pick up both wraps when I work the stitch for the last time? I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong because a few of my stitches at the gusset area are pulling and looking bad. I’ve frogged these socks twice already.

Yes, you do need to pick up and work both wraps. I’ve had good luck with the method in this tutorial:

I am making a sock that has the double wrapping right now too! It is confusing. Mine was coming out incorrectly so I ripped it back. Now I’m ready to try again, hopefully this time I’ll get it right.

Thanks for the link.

I joined this site to learn this technique. What is the answer? Stuck on a Steven West design.

Which one, and how are the sts double wrapped? In short rows, or do you wrap the yarn twice around the needle in a stitch instead of once?

The answer for the double wrap short rows is in the link in post 2. It’s really a neat way to pick up both wraps and knit both of them with the stitch.