Double treadle vs single treadle

I have a question for you wheel owners. i’m looking into buying a wheel, possibly a Lendrum. I have a limited budget, but i wanted to ask.
what is the big difference between a single treadle vs a double treadle? is a double worth the extra money? can you spin just as well with a single treadle?

let me know your thoughts!

I had a single treadle, and it was just fine.

I think it really depends on what you feel comfortable with. I just bought the Lendrum DT Complete and absolutely love it. I used a few singles and I found that I preferred the double. I felt it gave me more control over starting and stopping the wheel and helped me to set a good pace when spinning.

The best advice I got when I was buying my wheel was to go and try out a few. By trying them out you will find the right one that feels comfortable with you.

I have an Ashford traditional, which is a single treadle. My next wheel will be a double treadle, as I am getting older, and I think the double treadle will put less stress on my hip. Right now, my right hip can get pretty sore after a few hours of spinning. Unless you’re around 20, I suggest going for a double treadle right away, as a wheel should be a lifetime acquisition.

All my treadle wheels are single except for the Ashford Traveller. My husband bought that one for me. He followed the advice of Susan (Susan’s Fiber Shop).

When I started using it, I only used one treadle, then played with using both treadles.

I now use the Traveller more than the wheels with a single treadle. I do find (now) I have more control with it.

I think the bigger question is one drive band (Scotch tension) or two!!

That’s why I love my Traveller, it can be either a single or double band drive

I’m no expert because I am a beginner myself. I didn’t try different wheels before I bought mine because I didn’t spin and figured, how do I know what feels right? By watching others spin, I intuitively liked the rhythm of two feet moving. I thought spinning would be a mind-body experience, and I liked the idea of both my feet moving in rhythm–it is calming. (Plus, I’m not getting any younger and I wanted to distribute the work!) Anyhoo, I bought a Kromski Minstrel because it has two treadles, would fit in my car easily, and is real pretty to look at. It can be used as a double drive or single drive with the Scotch tension brake. I’m getting some super-pretty spun wool outta her! Good luck. P.S. You might want to rent [I]Spinning Wool–Basics and Beyond[/I] from Smartflix. I just got a copy in the mail and it is chock full of information on the wheel itself.