Double strands and gauge question

Is there any way to figure out the gauge of a yarn when knit double-stranded without actually trying it out? For example, if I wanted to substitute a sport weight yarn for a worsted weight can I figure out some way of calculating what the doubled gauge would be from the yarn’s original (i.e. what the package says) gauge? Or do I have to try it out? I know the needle size and everything will make it tricky to convert.

Does this even sound like a good idea? :?? I want to use some of the knit picks cotton yarn, but it’s sport weight and the pattern I wanted to do uses worsted.

I dont know if Id chance it…I think swatching is really the way to go, unless you are making something that doesnt have to fit well.

maybe this will help you

Generally, doubling the strand moves the weight up one level, so theoretically, doubling DK weight will give you worsted weight. However, once you get the yarn, be sure to knit a swatch to make sure! And don’t forget, you’ll need to order twice the yardage. :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys. I guess trying it out would be the safest way to go. Maybe I’ll get some test yarn before buying the entire amount to make sure it works.