Double-stranding mohair from the same ball

Hi! I purchased a hat kit that includes one ball of worsted weight yarn and one ball of mohair. The instructions are to knit the worsted weight with the mohair held double - three strands total. I have had zero luck knitting from the inside and outside of the same ball (knots and tangles for days) so would it better to wind half of the mohair into a second ball, so I’d be knitting from three separate balls in total? Is re-winding a bad idea due to the stickiness? Is winding it by hand better than with a winder? Other ideas? Thanks!

Disclaimer: I’ve not used mohair yarn like this. Generally I find using two balls more conducive to maintaining my knitting mental health than dealing with both ends from the same ball. I really don’t know anything about winding mohair though so don’t rely on me here. Just wanted to say that in general I find this to be true.


I agree with GG, wind two balls of yarn. You can use a kitchen scale if you want to make them more precisely equal. I like to wind by hand. It’s slower but if there’s any stickiness in the mohair it’s easier to tease it out.
What is the name of your pattern?


Thank you for your response! It’s the Badana hat from Retrosaria. I can’t wait to get it on my head!

Beautiful! We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

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I wind kidsilk mohair with a ball winder - it’s easier than you’d think because the stickiness of the yarn stops the layers from slipping. I’d certainly work from three balls rather than either end of a ball, but you still need to be careful especially when packing away and storing the project. I’m currently making something with one stand of mohair and one of an unspun yarn and got into a terrible tangle when I put the project down- the mohair wound round itself and along the length of the other strand and it took an age to sort it out!!!