Double Stranded pattern question

I want to do a sweater coat, buy it calls for holding 2 strands together throughout (the specified yarn is a #5 weight) AND using 26 skiens of a #5 weight wool yarn.

I cannot afford 26 skeins of yarn! This coat will end up costing me my mortgage if I need to buy 26 skeins!!!

OK. So, here’s my question.

Can I just use 1 strand of a thicker yarn? The pattern calls for a size 8mm needle holding 2 strands together, so as long as I do my swatches to match gauge, will I be ok not using 2 strands?

It’s #12 from Knit n Style Feb '09, Amaraine.

You can use a thicker yarn, and maybe go up a gauge size or two in needle. Just make a swatch beforehand. As long as you make gauge you can do it. It might not be as warm with just the single strand, and since it is a coat, that might have been their intention, but if that doesn’t bother you, I say go for it.

Yes, using a thicker yarn is okay, but there may not be as much yardage in a skein of that, so you may still have to buy about 20 skeins. Compare the yards needed for double stranding, and figure you need about half that for the thicker.

The yarn the pattern suggests is:

Saphira #601, 80g per skein @ $10US a skein ($260US for the yarn is too expensive for me - with the exchange and s&H, ugggg)

So, I’ve chosen a ‘cheaper’ wool blend, in the same weight. But I don’t know if I want it double stranded because I think it will be too heavy and too warm.

I’ll do a gauge swatch and start the sleeves. Then I’ll see how I like it before committing fully.

Thanks to all replies. :grphug:

Bulky double stranded? Yeah, that would be heavy. So the pattern wants 2600+yards, you could use about 1500 yds single stranded. This yarn is 137 yds per skei, so you’d need about 11 or 12 just to be sure you had enough. At $4 each, that’s $50. Sounds like you’re in Canada, so the shipping might be too high. And is in Canada, so that might be an option, though their yarns only come in 50gm skeins, which works out to about 80 yds each, lots of ends, and the pricing isn’t quite as good. You could double their worsted yarns and that might get you a coat under $100.

I’m actually allergic to 100% wools, so I either use wool blends (with arcylic) or arcylic.

Please don’t hate me! :heart:

I was thinking of using Bernat Softee Chunky. It’s 100% acrylic and it’s a chunky weight (bulky 5 on the label). It’s also 100g per ball.

Oh, that changes everything if you’re willing to use acrylic. Yes, Softee chunky is a good one to use - large skeins and inexpensive.