Double Strand Knitting

Hi All,

I was hoping you could help me. I have been reading various threads and have came across this method of using a double strand while knitting.

Can anyone advice me how this is done?

Thank you in advance,

Michelle. :??

Just hold the two strands in your hand and knit with them as if they were one. Each loop will be doubled on the needle, but held with one stitch at the bottom, if you know what I mean. Just knit through both of the loops as a regular stitch.

Hi Ingrid,

Thanks for answering! Does that mean I would use two seperate balls of wool at one time?


I think that works best. You could, I guess, use both ends, but I’d think they’d get tangled.

BRILLIANT! Thanks Ingrid, makes much more sense now


I usually use the outer and inner end of my ball of yarn, and haven’t had any problems with tangling.

Now that I have my ball winder I will wind two balls into one…works liek a CHARM! Im in LOVE LOVE LOVE with my ball winder!

I know what you mean about loving your ball winder, mine is the best investment I ever made, I got it for winding balls for my knitting machine. I loaned it out once and almost had withdrawls…lol :heart:

I must really be a newbie when it comes to knitting. All the yarn I buy is already in a ball!

That has nothing to do with newbie-ism. Almost all the yarn you buy in places like Michaels or AC Moore or Hobby Lobby, etc, are pre-wound. A lot of the yarn you buy in yarnshops is, too. Some fibers and some companies sell their yarn in hanks, though, that have to be wound. I mostly depends on the manufacturer.

I’ve found that some of the companies that I’ve purchased yarn from are now switching from hanks to balls because of new weight regulations.

I rewind my skeins into balls…by hand…because I like to throw them in a ziploc bag & snip the corner off & thread the yarn through the hole, this way it unwinds easily for knitting & never gets dirty ;). Perhaps I will get a ball winder…will is work with my swifty chair back? Because I use the back of this chair I’m sitting in now to put my hanks on & wind away, and wind, and wind and wind some more…then, I do some more winding :rollseyes:

I use the ball winder to rewind some of the pre-wound balls to get a looser tension, some of the prewound balls have small glitches (when hand knitting you can just undo and keep going, with machine knitting, it stops up everything, it gives a more even tension when there is no pull on the yarn. It’s also great for wool, only downfall with mine is, that it can’t support the entire hank, I usually have to make 3 sometimes 4 balls from one hank.
Hey I never thought of the ziploc bag idea, I have to try that, I make dishclothes at work to keep my hands busy, it would work great. Goal is 20 by xmas Iam at 14.

I :heart: my ballwinder too…it sort of gives you a theraputic release to make a large ball of yarn :happydance:

I’m currently using the ziplock bags for the twisted mobius because it uses 3 different yarns and you use them separately every two rows while carrying the thread along the sides…the ziplock bags are coming in handy for this project :lol:


And, also, the balls that a ball winder makes are DIFFERENT than the pre-wound balls at the store. They are FLAT on the ends…they dont roll around on you…and the tension IS nicer. I re-wind EVERYTHING now.

And I don’t rewind anything (except hanks.) So it’s a matter of personal preference. :wink:

So, KK, do you have a swift too?