Double Stitch

I’m working on a pattern which comes from a really ofd book. It calls for a Double Stitch.
I don’t know if I am supose to first put my needle into the stitch below then knit the stitch or the othe way around.
Has anyone done a double stitch before?

I’ve never heard of it. Could it be an increase? Like double the stitch?

In the Double Stitch I know, you put your needle in the stitch below the next stitch, draw a loop through, knit the next stitch and then pass the loop over the knitted stitch. I think now most patterns call it a K1B (Knit 1 below).

In a knit 1 below, you don’t pass a stitch over, it’s like a KLL/KRL in the increase section.

You’re right, Sue. It didn’t seem right when I wrote it, but I was going out the door and didn’t look it up the regular knit 1 below to double check.

Nevertheless, the double stitch as I know it is as I wrote. Jsheehey didn’t say anything about the stitch count, though, which would help answer if it’s a decrease, increase or something else…

Hmmm, or maybe it could be an increase like knit front and back. That’s kind of a double st… sorta…

Thanks for trying to help me out with this. There is no stitch count; it’s a swatch pattern I’m working on to develop a pattern; It is called the diagonal Double Stitches; multiple of 12 + 5 + selv.
rows 1 and 2 and alt rows are knit; row 3 is K5,(k 1 B: insert right hand needle through the center of the stitch below the next stitch to be knitted and K1,k1) 3times, K1 B K5 then rows 5 and 7 you drop off the k’s to 4 then 3 ect; rows 9 and following rows it says to contiue working this way working one stitch further to the right on alt rows.
I would think the stitch count should always be the same as the pattern is only going in the diagonal; looks really neat but I was not sure how to do the double stitch.

Now that I have had a chance to get back to this I did try the knit below then knit the stitch and pass the loop over and I think that is right; thanks again for taking the time to help:cheering: