Double sided blanket

sorry for all the questions y’all!! I was wondering if it was possible to make a double-sided blanket/aphgan with two different colors!! I want to make someone a baby blanket and because i think it may take me awhile I want to start as soon as possible, but I don’t know the sex of the baby yet so this is why I ask!! How would I go about doing this?

hi amourbliss! i’m a very new knitter so you might want to see what others can offer up but the easiest thing i can think of is to knit the blanket like a tube, in the round. you would knit half of the tube in one colour (e.g. blue) and the other half of the tube in the other colour (e.g. pink!), then sew up each end of the tube and you’d have a double-thick but two sided blanket.

i’m not sure if that would work - what does anyone else think? i know there’s also the double-knitting technique which i don’t really understand but i think it also allows you to produce different colours on either side of the knitting. perhaps a more seasoned pro can help out here!


Yup! I vote for Double-knitting! :cheering:

Why dont you make this hotpad pattern, but HUGE and in a different, softer, baby yarn?


I love double blankets. My first was this oneby Carol Duvall.

I also like, but haven’t done, this oneat

Have fun!

Thanks!! These links have truly been helpful!!! :happydance:

I vote for the Lou Hoover from Knitty. I may be prejudiced as an Iowan by birth, but I think that is gorgeous and I’m going to make one. It’s near the top of my list. Lou was quite a gal. She and Herbert were in China during the Boxer Rebellion, she wore a gun and holster while she did housework. They did a huge amount of humanitarian work, it’s sad that nobody remembers them for anything but “Hoovervilles”.