Double pointed needles

Do you eventually need to accumulate DPN’s in all the different sizes, like you do needles?

I thought I’d use my Michaels coupon this week to buy a set. Right now, I’d like them to make I-cord, and I understand that when knitting a baby hat in the round (going to be my first learning to knit in the round project), I’ll use DPN for the top of the hat? What size should I start with? The same size as the needles I’ll use for the hat? Or is there a most-used size I should go with that might get me through my first few projects?


If you start to do a lot of knitting of things like hats and maybe socks, you probably will end up accumulating different sizes.

For the hat, do get the same size as you will for the rest of the hat. What size(s) you should get otherwise really kind of depend on what you will be making. If you just plan to make hats for now, I’d look at some patterns you are interested in making, and get some sets to match those sizes.

Yes, if you enjoy knitting on dpn’s, you will find your collection increasing. Check out the Knit Pick double points. They tips are not as blunt as bamboo. That comes in handy when using yarn that splits or fingering weight. They are pretty too.:wink:

I have all sizes from 2-7, then 10.5.

Have fun using them.

I don’t know what I’d do without my DPNs! I got a set (sizes 1-15) on for $24. 70 total needles!! The seller was Oriental… either Trading or Touch LLC. Just search for bamboo douple point set and you should be able to find it.

I’ve accumulated a few, because I like to do socks, but I also have dpn’s in size 13 (big puppies, they are)… and I also find that if I put an end protector on that size 13 dpn, it is excellent for making a nice scarf, which is usually 10-15 stitiches. For me, that seems easier than using a size 13 regular length needle.

Short circular needles can double as dpns so you don’t have to buy so many. Shop yard sales and thrift stores for bargains.
How about a needle swap? I have some extras and some holes, too. I think I’ll start a thread if there isn’t one already.

Yes. Eventually you’ll need them all.

I completely agree with everyone…you’ll need them all. :knitting: In fact, if you’re like me, you’ll need duplicates of all the sizes, so that you can knit two things at the same time (2 socks, 2 sleeves, etc.).

I’ve learned both the Magic Loop and knitting with 2 circulars, but I still love knitting with DPNs the best.

Save yourself the time and aggravation…buy the entire set now. :roflhard:

I need them but that’s more of an OCD thing rather than an actual use.

I do worsted weight wool socks and the #3 & #4 needles I use really wear on my fingers so I don’t imagine I’ll ever use the small set for anything, but I want them.


I think I might poke around for a set online. The only place around here with decent knitting supplies is Michaels, and they only carry sizes 4mm & 5mm.