double pointed needle sets and organizer

Good morning! I got some money for Christmas and would love to buy a full set of double pointed needles…sizes 1-6 maybe? The ones available at my local craft store aren’t as sharp as I like. I’d also love to find a case to keep them organized. I have all the sizes in the craft store brand but they are laying around in bags and are horrible to find and keep organized.

Does anyone have a brand they like? And does anyone have an organizer they like??


I like Knit Picks almost everything nickle plated. I like sharp. Some of the non-interchangeable sizes are not as sharp as I want but not as bad as a really rounded brand of DPN I hated (Susan Bates I think).

I have 10.5 to 0. I only recently got the small sizes because of starting to use fingering yarn.

I made canvas roll ups for my straights and DPNs.

Thanks Mike! I’ll look for the Knit Picks…and yes, the Susan Bates are horrible, not sharp enough!

I ended up buying a Pattern Buddy like this:

and a case for my DPN’s like this:

I’m going to start ordering sets of DPN’s as I need them and I’ll donate these blunt yucky ones to the goodwill. :slight_smile:

That looks like the same idea as my roll up.

I would definitely check out the Chia-Goo set. Sharp points: they come in a beautiful case with nice extras.

Thanks! I looked at those and they look really nice. Glad to know they have nice points!

The sharpest double points are the kollage Square double points. They are so pointed they have pierced thr skin on my thumb. That’s too sharp for me now. I keep returning to Knitters Pride cubics. They stay put as as I change needles and are light enough so they never slip out even with the large sizes. The cubic shape is much easier on my hands, too.
If I am knitting lace socks I use Knitter’s Pride Karbonz. They are sharp enough to get into the tight spots yet not so sharp that they pierce my skin.
For my sock size needles I use Handwork Hardware’s knitting needle sorter and gauge It is pricey, but it holds sizes 000 to 5 separated by size. It is easy to grab and go, has a built in sizer and is hard enough that very sharp needles can’t puncture it.

I try to use a fingernail to push needles and avoid poking a hole. For holes already made that needles love to find again, I fill with super glue.

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Oh, I’m going to check all of those out! I have the Hyia Hyia circulars and they are super sharp too…not so sharp they pierce my skin though! Although, I’m a jeweler and my hands are one big callus. I love the idea of the needle sorter too, I’ll look for that!

Thank you!