Double point vs magic loop on small needles

I’ve been wanting to get some smaller needler (size 0-3) to knit socks and other various projects but I’m not sure whether to get a set of double points or just get circulars for magic loop. I don’t really care for double point knitting all that much and I guess the question is if magic loop method is as effective as double point for small projects or if I would be better off just buying the double points. Right now I’m leaning towards just getting circular needles (Knit Picks Harmony Wood… I absolutely love the set I got). Any input would be appreciated!

Also, if I were to get the circulars, would 32" be a good cable length to get them with or should I go shorter or longer?

If you think I should go with double points, what length needle would you suggest? 4",5" or 6"?

Again, any input would be very much appreciated! :muah:


I’d go with the circs but that’s just my preference. 24" is pretty versatile.

Yep, use the circs; 32" is probably good for ML, I think 24" may be a little too short.

I started off using DPNs and they were fine. I adapted to using them and they are ok. There is however an increased danger of dropping stitches. At the moment I prefer magic loop knitting. I would use it all the time if I had long enough cables. My dream would be to have some Knit Picks, they have nice long cables. I have Denises and you have to connect all the cables together to make them long enough which is quite annoying and they tend to pop apart. I’d always go for using circulars if I could. They are a good investment if you get interchangeables, you can use them for circular knitting, magic loop, and any projects you would do with straight needles really!

If you want the circ’s to do magic loop and think you would like to learn magic loop two at a time projects so that you can do a pair of socks or a pair of mittens rather than doing them one at a time then you are more than likely going to need 42" cables. Personally, I use AddiTurbo’s for magic loop. Found that trying to do interchangeable sets on magic loop either the joins came loose or the cables were not flexible. I invested in a few Addi’s and haven’t looked back.

I make socks with magic loop. I do one sock at a time, so 24" is a good length for me. But if you do both socks, then you need a longer cable. Magic loop is faster for me cause I only turn the work once every row. Whereas with dpns, I’d have to change needles 3 or 4 times. But both work fine. It just comes down to what you prefer.

I’ve tried the 9" circulars for socks. The tips are only 2" long to the cable. I find them hard to work with because there is so little needle to grip.

Abby, where did you get 9" circulars? I like shorter needles on circulars, as they are easier for me to use. I had a pair of Balene circs, and one of the needles broke, soI sanded it to a point and it was so handy, I broke the other one and sanded it to a point also. Would appreciate hearing from you. linknit41

I do just about all of my socks toe up with magic loop. You’re less apt to ladder especially if you are a beginner and you are not losing a needle all the time.

I bought mine at a show, Stitches West. So I don’t remember the exact vendor. I have HiyaHiya 9" in stainless steel. I have seen these short circulars made by other companies, too.

I use circulars for all my knitting. Don’t even have a pair of straights and my DPNs are all dusty.

I buy a new circular if I don’t have the right size available. Given up on interchangeable sets…have two Denise and 3 Boyes and I’ll take a good 32+ inch Addi Turbo anytime!

I use ML as well. There is really no going back once you have done ML. But I started on DPNs and have the KP set. I still use them for some projects, but not usually anything on the round.

I knit a lot of small things on small needles (Just started a Hansigurumi Frog and I knit a whole crap load of tiny bears) So the DPNS with a point protector on one side is very useful!

I like DPNs. I feel like I’m doing it like they did it a bazillion years ago. Maybe I’ll be one of those people who listen to vinyl and 8 tracks after CDs have gone the way of the dinosaur…