Double moss stitch seaming/sewing question!

I’ve been knitting this hat: Just Like A Peasant Hat
and was wondering what would be the best way to seam/sew it up? I’m having a little trouble with seaming the double moss stitch, any helpful suggestions?


I would think the standard mattress stitch seam would work there.

On looking at the pattern it seems you are folding the cast off edge against itself and seaming it there. A mattress stitch is used to seam edges of knitting, like the side seams of a sweater. You don’t have that situation here.

I did a little experimenting. There are several ways the pattern stitch could be ended before you bind off, and I don’t know what differences those combinations might make. What I did was a row of KPKPKP and then an identical row like it, lined up (like ribbing) and then I bound off in the opposite of what appeared on the next row, which was where I was in the pattern. Then I folded it so that the cast on edges butted against each other. I used a stitch like what you might use to sew two shoulders that were bound off together. I went beyond the cast off and went under a purl bump or a knit stitch on either side (whatever appeared) going back and forth from one side to the other. I was satisfied with the look of the seam I came up with doing it this way.

This page from an online knitting book will be helpful I think. This shows knit stitches on each side, but it is the idea, except you will have alternating knits and purls. This shows one way to sew a shoulder seam.

Try your best to begin with the outer most stitch on each side as you begin and if you keep the stitches one for one you should turn out even in the middle.

Another idea that would work is to use a three needle bind off. You would not bind off at the end, but divide the stitches on two needles with the work folded with the right sides together and do the three needle bind off. I believe you have an even number of stitches, so this will work. They do this for the backs of hoods sometimes.

Thanks for the suggestions, however I have already cast off, is there anyway I could seam it up without having to rip out rows?

Read the first reply I gave above again. It regards how to do it once you have cast off. The link is helpful.

Thanks MerigoldinWA! I’ll try it out and see how it goes!