Double knitting

This is my first time attempting double knitting, I think I understand the concept, my first try I did 4 rows and it didn’t work at all but the second try I cast on only a few stitches and it worked, so then I went ahead and tried the pattern or the heart hot pad on the site here and it’s not working, I’m using blue and pink because I don’t have white and red but the part I don’t get is the beginning an end of each row with the slipping and then using both colours, I tried it but end up with a knit on my second row to end and too many stitches.

Did you watch the video for this project? It’s here in case you missed it:

However, I’m not sure if it shows you how to do the first and last stitches. If not, one of the experts will chime in and help.

Yup I watched that video! It doesn’t show the first and last stitches. I wish it showed the cast on. What I did was hold both colours together cast on 2 together then alternated between colours to cast on. I understand how to get one colour on one side and one on the other but it’s the slipping of the stitches and then knitting with both colours at the start and end of each row.

Also it’s a little confusing the follow the pattern. There seems to be 29 stitches across instead of 30. So I’m confuses about when I do red and when I do white, and if when I do red should I be doing red on red or red on white.

I found lots of videos on YouTube about double knitting. Here’s one that shows how to start a row and do a chart:

It’s actually video 2 of 3, by the way. She doesn’t slip the first stitch (she knits it), so you might want to look at some of the other videos if you think the first stitch [U]really[/U] needs to be slipped. (I would think, though, that you would just slip the first two stitches–one of each color–off the needle together. Then continue with your chart.)

There are lots of cast on videos, too, if you look up “double knitting.”

There is a Double Knitting group on Rav if all else fails.

Here’s a tutorial that may help too.
I like the Planet Purl series that Antares linked to also. They’re always good quality.

Thanks all, when I get home from work this evening I’ll take a look at those.