Double knitting

So I have two superman scarves that im making using double knitting style and it is taking FOREVER for me to make any progress. Any hints or help on how to quicken the process? Im an English knitter

Yeah, that does take a while doesn’t it? I’m an english knitter, but I can use continental as well and have for ribbing and stranding. I think rather than do the front and back stitches at the same time you can do every other one then turn and do the other side skipping every other one. Something like that. I’m not sure if that would take longer than messing with english or not… :think:

It takes a long time because it really takes 2 ‘rows’ to make a full complete row in double knitting. But you can take a look at english style videos to see if switching to a different way of holding your yarn and needles will make a difference. Look at this thread for links to a few of the videos.

haha suzeeq- that’s my other thread i made around the same time as i made this one :slight_smile: i’ve tried holding my yarn so many different ways but i still dont have the tension when holding two strands of yarn. i absolutely cannot do continental style, i have tried so many times.

can i really do one side at a time? would i have to purl back to get back to the strand of yarn for the other side? (like knit 1 row while slipping stitches and then purl 1 row?) the thing that takes the longest is having to move my yarn from front to back. i have to pinch the yarn to keep my tension right. its very frustrating.

I’ve only double knit with one strand of yarn, so don’t really know how it’s done with 2 strands or if it’s possible to just do one side, then the other. Check youtube for videos on double knitting, there may be some that would answer that question for you.

haha I’ve never thought about doing it with one strand of yarn… I’ve always used it to do multiple color designs… that makes so much sense… face palm

With one strand you have an even number of sts and k1 sl 1 on every row.