Double Knitting?

I just watched the video on double knitting and was wondering if that can be done on a circular needle rather than going back and forth on a straight needle. also when casting on, do you cast on alternating colors of yarn or do you cast on both colors as if its one strand of yarn? Thanks for your help.


To cast on, there are a few methods.
You can cast on while holding both colors at the same time, but I prefer technique 3 on this page.

At first it might seem intimidating, but it really is easy once you get the hang of it.

I have also done something tubular in double knitting, so it’s possible…
(I just don’t remember how I did it, … )

of course you can double knit in the round… (in some ways, its easier–you keep track of pattern on front, (never turn!) and the inside takes care of its self!

you can use any fair isle pattern–

decreaseing is bit tricky (for say the crown of hat)

you need to use a cable needle (and position 2 knits together (to K2tog) and 2 purls together (to P2tog)

more complex decreases (double decreases ) are possible… but… well, more complex!

if you are on ravelry, there is a double knitting group–and many members of the group have “object patterns” (my blog has an 8 part tutorial (link above is to one page!) and i have many stitch patterns… (vs object patterns) my stitch patterns are over sized swatches and/or potholders…

[U][B]The Big Book of Knitting[/B][/U] has a some good info on double knitting too…

I tend to just drop stitches to rearrange them for decreases. It’s scary the first few times but you soon realize it doesn’t stay long enough to slip through.

:knitting: I am going to try to knit a hat with double knit, but will wait until I make something a little easier. Im gonna try the heart hot pad pattern from this site. wish me luck, I will need it.