Double Knitting

I am trying to double knit a sort of pouch blanket for a baby. the pattern is very simple but there are a few little confusing things. I am supposed to “twist the yarn together at the beginning of each row so that the ends don’t separate untidily” and I am at a complete loss. Not sure which way to twist and when i try different ways, It sort of untwists when i begin the row…any thoughts? Also, since it functions as a pouch also, it needs to remain open throughout the inside so I need to make sure I am not inadvertantly twisting the yarn and attaching the two sides, wondering if anyone has a “trick” for this. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!!

Why does it need to stay open? The Elanore Rosevelt Blanket has a Double knit center pannel, with a gartered Edge.
your blanket needs to stay open at the double knit section?
is it only a pocket then? or if you just want it to be a warmer section of blanket, you can make lice to tack it together.
To keep the sides seperate, you can use different colors, or just set markers at every so many stitches, and check each time you get to a marker.
I do mine just the same, to tack the sides together, and the changes make the pattern.