Double knitting

I saw the video for double knitting and I’d like to give it a try, but the part i don’t get is the cast on. Do I cast on my main color or do I do some funky cast on with both colors? If I have to do some funky mult-colored cast on can you point me to where I need to go to learn it? Thanks in advance. I’ll put pictures of what I come up with when i’m on on my flickr.

what kind of double yarn? :thinking: Like knitting vertical stripes or fair isle? :XX:

I think that the video found here will help you, this lady is knitting a double knit tube top and has a short video of the tubular cast on that she uses.

I am also attempting this project I cast on with both colors using the backwords loop method I am not sure if this is right but it is working just be sure that as you switch colors make sure that the color you are putting on the needle is over the color you just used.I am not very good at explaing things I hope that makes sense.

Thank you all for your help. Dream weaver, i’m talking about reversible knitting like this. Rebecca, i’ve seen that cast-on on this site, I wasn’t sure how to use it with the double knitting. I think I’m going to use Blueeyes’ idea of a cable style cast on. I think I know which one you’re talking about blueeyes. Thank you all again for your help. Have fun

Maybe this is a cop-out but I usually just cast on with one color and then start the pattern on the first row with the other color.

I considered doing that, but I didn’t want to deal with more yarn in the finishing. I just wanted to start, also I couldn’t figure out how to add the other color stitches into it, i haven’t done anything involving increases and decreases yet.

I have done 2 things…

1… Hold both colors together as one and CO half the # of sts needed, then sort out the alternation of them as you knit the first row. This will give you a “mottled” CO row, which can look kinda cool, depending on what you are making

2… CO the full # of sts with one color, then join the 2nd color in on the first row.

In both cases, I used long-tail CO. :thumbsup:

I just knotted the ends did backward loop of MC then backward loop of CC and kept alternating like that until i had the number of stitches i needed. It worked out great. I have a nice base row to work from it didn’t take very long to do and was easy as pie after watching the video. the one problem in the cast-on was getting the bottom to be joined without having to seam it later. If you hold the knot in your right hand with your RH needle let the 2 yarns hang with the MC on the right and your CC on the left. bring your MC behind your CC and do a backwards loop. Now your MC is on the left with your CC on the right. Bring your CC behind your MC and do a backwards loop and your CC will be back on the left. Keep goinging like this and it’ll be joined at the bottom nice and neat.[/img]