Double Knitting Trouble

I decided to try double knitting, and after reading and watching the free video on this site for the heart. I don’t want to start with something so small, so I created a small snowflake thing. The free pattern on this site says to cast on 30 stitches doubled up to be 60 stitches, but the pattern is only 29 stitches. Also, it says to start every row with a slip stitch and end every row by purling both colors together with both colors. So if my pattern is blue background with a white snowflake, and the first row is all blue, the second row starts with the snow flake like this (the pattern is completely symmetrical) 4 blue, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 white, 4 blue. So do I count the slip stitch as one of the ‘blues’ at the beginning, or ignore it? Or do I count the double purled as one of the ‘blues’ at the end, or ignore it? And if I use the slip stitch in one row as one of the stitches, would I use the purled in the next? I feel like if I use the slip stitch on both sides, then the pattern would be off from itself by a stitch.

Please help!! Thank you. :knitting:

Why don’t you just cast on the number of stitches needed for the pattern and don’t do the slip stitch and purling together?

That would make things easier.

I have done a little DK lately but mine has been in the round. I have heard that it is a good idea to do like you say and purl the last stitch with the two colors together and to slip the first stitch. I see where your question lies.

There is a gal named ofTroy on this site who knows a lot about DK, maybe she will show up to help you, or you could Private Message her. I don’t think she would mind.