Double knitting Tree of Gondor

I can’t believe I did it! Much thanks to Jan and Salmonmac! Was so much fun…it is like a piece of art. Can’t wait for my son to open it and see if he
Recognizes what it is. What an amazing person who devised double knitting. Thanks to all!
Anyone who wants to try it…many you tube videos to guide you. Perservere. I ripped mine out four times!

I found for me following the chart, the best best way was to write each row down as I went along. For ex: using Black and white, I would write; 3B, 2W, 7B, etc. Easier for my aging eyes than following a row on the chart.

Excited to try another design in double knitting but first three blankets to complete!


Oh, wow, such a great project! I love the black and white, and the design is striking. Very beautifully done.

Those are beautiful! I’ve forgotten…are the squares going to be sewing together for a blanket?

Oh, my! That’s impressive! When I eventually finish the current batch of stuff on the stocks I will try and remember to investigate. Love the black and white - it looks so well in this design

No blanket…I think that would take me two years. LOL!
And it is only one square/rectangle…front and back.
Still amazes me how someone created this type of

Yeah, pretty brilliant isn’t it?! Lucy Neatby just made an amazing double knit blanket. If I can find a link I can post I will.

ETA: If you’re on FB you can see the octagonal double knit blanket on her page. I won’t make the blanket, but I love the ear flap hats below that post!

Do you know of a good book on double knitting
And one on fair isle? I won’t be making sweaters, but hats and scarfs and small projects.

I only have Lucy Neatby’s first DVD on double knitting. Haven’t watched it yet. I have book 200 Fair Isle Motifs. It does have a some of instruction in the beginning, but it’s mostly charts. Mostly I find tutorials online.

I have discovered Beverly Royce created double knitting.
Her book on Amazon sells for around $318! Used maybe $68. Geesh. Out of print. What a shame.

Had a quick look on Amazon, and found:

Thank you Evie. I saw these. When I read about Beverly Royce
I was hoping to get her book Notes on Double Knitting. She was
The amazing creator. Maybe some publishing house will reprint
Some and the price will come down.