Double knitting in the round,adding in a new colour yarn

I’m trying double knitting for the first time,I’m making a cowl, in the round with 3 colours.I found a lot of you tube videos for invisible cast on, which helped greatly, but, as I’m approaching the point to add in the 3rd colour, I haven’t been able to find anything specific on you tube for this. Is it the same as for single knitting in the round? Any ideas?

You could start knitting with the new color and either carry the tail along for a few sts to secure it on the inside or let the tail hang out on the outside of the double knitting until you’re ready to weave in the end. You’ll be weaving in on the inside and even though you’re blind to where you’re weaving in, you’ll be able to catch the inner loops and see that the tail isn’t showing through on the outside.

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Thank you salmonmac, I wasn’t sure if there was a special way because of the two layers. Thank you for replying so quickly, I’ll give it a go shortly with a lot more confidence now :relaxed: xx

Let us know how it turns out or what works best, please and of course, we’d love to see a photo.

Will do and thank you again.

Thanks @salmonmac, that would work well for my little star hat too :slight_smile: Good luck @notknittingknots (good name but I can’t say it - what a tongue twister!)

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Thought I’d share with you how it’s coming along :slight_smile:
Half way there and it’s getting a little easier, but you certainly need to concentrate!!

This looks excellent! the variegated yarn is working very well in pattern. It’s going to be lovely.
Yes, it does take concentration. Have you found that holding the yarn in two hands works well or are you using another technique?

Oh! there are no techniques!! I’m just happy to be getting a round completed with no mistakes :sweat_smile: !! I’m finding that holding both strands in my right hand is working well for the knit stitches, but not so good for the purl and every couple of rows I have to unravel the twists,but I don’t mind this as,by then, I usually need a break from all the concentration :weary: I’ll look further into DK techniques with the next project.

I ended up doing somewhat the same thing, I usually hold the yarn between my index finger and thumb so for DK I held both strands that way, one slightly to the right of the other. It was a bit odd but it got the job done. Not as complicated a project as yours however.

That sounds about the same way. The pattern is quite simple really, there are only changes on 4 of the 8 rows that make up the triangle, the next row afterwards is just a copy of the one before ( but it’s still possible to make an error even then, especially when you try watching tv while knitting - had to tink back almost a whole row last night!! lesson learned lol )

looks gorgeous! Is that white/bluey coloured the same yarn or 2 different colours?

The same yarn, Red Heart Anne Geddes baby multi, lovely and soft but more sport weight than dk.

It really works well in that pattern :slight_smile:

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