Double knitting ideas?

I have a few pattern charts I found recently and am wondering if they would work well for double knitting. I’m kind of stuck on the Doctor Who theme right now. I have some really good friends who would love the idea of Doctor Who dish cloths, dish towels, and pot holders. Maybe I could even find a way to make oven mitts to go with them. The one I worry about most is the Cyberman. Because it indicates more than one color, I’m not sure if I could do that in double knitting. Here are the charts:

Yes, the third color would work. You might have to cut the yarn strand or carry it back on the next row because it may finish up at the end of a row when you need it again at the beginning of the row but that’s ok.
I like the idea of the Doctor themed towels etc.
We were talking about double knitting not too long ago and @Bluejaygirl5 and @Evie may be able to advise.
Double knitting Tree of Gondor

With color work in DK you don’t have to worry about wrapping the carries, they won’t get snagged on anything. Just make sure they’re carried in the middle and not tight (another good thing is too loose isn’t a problem unless you pull a stitch after its done).

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I am no expert. I have only made two items in dk. Here are the pix.

There are two items…the pix show both sides. So fun they are the mirror image.
Both are two colours. Watch you tube videos. Basically you cast on alternating both colours.
It is fun, and I know the recipients will love them.
The tree is the tree of gondor from lotr.

I’ve always referred to the back side as a “negative” of the front side. I guess cause my dad’s a photographer.