Double Knitting...HELP!

I found a really great pattern for double knitting, and I’ve looked online at videos and tutorials, but when I try knitting it, it just doesn’t seem right…can anyone help me?


What doesn’t seem right about it?

Is the pattern online or in a book/magazine?

It was in a book. When I’ve been knitting, the two sides don’t differentiate at all. Like on the video on this site, she pulled on the two sides and they kinda separated…my knitting doesn’t do that. :frowning:

The best measure of whether or not your double knitting is working is if it looks like stockinette on both sides. The knitting will only separate in regions where each side is a separate color.
For example, if you’re using blue for the right side and gray for the wrong side, the fabric will separate; however, if you’re changing colors between sides a lot by using the opposite color to make, say, a gray snowflake on the blue background of the right side, the fabric won’t separate.

The colors of the sides don’t differentiate at all?
Are you knitting the 2 strands together in each stitch?
You should be knitting with a side A strand of yarn and a side B strand of yarn.
The strands move forward and back together but you only knit/purl one strand at a time.

It should only stick together on the stitch where you swap the back color to the front color.
If it’s sticking everywhere you must be twisting your yarns.
There is one stitch on my DK hat that is stuck, the stitch color is correct and it’s not a color change so that is the only explanation.
You can’t tell that spot from the outside so I don’t think it would really matter if you aren’t keeping your strands from twisting (unless you plan on stuffing the empty space with batting).

If you are not bringing both strands forward and back together that could be why you aren’t getting separation, that would cause a twist between the strands.
How are you holding the yarn (English/Continental mix, English/drop the other, 2 finger Continental)?
Here is me holding 2 finger Continental, (yeah it’s 2 socks at once but it’s roughly the same idea, just pay attention to #2 and #3, that’s probably more what you’d look like, #2 is the knit for side A, #3 is the purl for side B).
Something like that will keep your strands in order so they don’t get twisted and moving your index and middle fingers front to back keeps the stitches from getting twisted in that manner.

If the pattern isn’t where you knit side A and purl side B so that stockinette is showing on both sides that’s like the socks and you’ll have to post some of the pattern for me to figure out how to keep them from twisting.

thanks guys, I’ll try your suggestions :slight_smile:

I’m an idiot…

I was trying to teach myself continental knitting and purling (I learned English from my Australian art teacher) and I wasn’t purling correctly:roflhard: . So I looked back at my knitting book and realized what I was doing wrong. I think I have everything right now…
Thanks for your help, guys!