Double knitting from a chart-WS

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My question is about how to read the double knitting chart on the wrong side. I have seen the video ( -watched it about a dozen times and improved each time however I don’t seem to grasp how to read the chart when I am on the WS.

I understand the concept of two stitches in each mark of the chart.
As I understand it when you turn the work over you are advancing to the next row on both sides. Therefore in reading the chart- row 1 goes from #1 stitch to #last stitch. But then Row 2 is the wrong side so it goes #last stitch to #1 stitch. You have to read the pattern zigzaggy.

Is that correct?

(part of my issue is that I created a chart for a team logo which is not symetrical - that should not matter, right? In addition, I am just having trouble keeping track of my place in the chart.)

Thanks for reading.

It’s true, you read the chart from right to left, then from left to right (or other way round). That doesn’t matter too much with symmetrical patterns, but with yours, you have to pay attention. You can write the row numbers next to the rows, placing the 1 to the right side, the 2 to the left, to help you think of which side to begin with. And on odd rows, you have to change the colors, main color becomes contrast color, and contrast becomes main, if that makes sense.
Lets say you knit with orange and white, and odd row says to knit 2 with white, 8 with orange, then you knit 2 with orange and 8 with white (and purling the corresponding stitches with the other color).

As for keeping track, I note the row I have to knit next on a post it, if I’m putting the knitting away, and to help you not get lost on the pattern, I use text markers in different colors to color the rows. (But only every second row, otherwise it’s a color overload, but then you can read the “yellow row”, then the row between “yellow” and “blue”, then the “blue row”, then the row between “blue” and “green” for example.)

Thanks! I like the idea of numbering the even rows on the turning side to help remember. In addition, think I should use the round place markers every 5 stitches to help keep my place on the row.

Can you explain what you mean by “text markers”? Are those like the small narrow slips of sticky post-it notes?

Oh my bad, I mean highlighter, those pens in bright poppy colors.
That can help you keep track of the row you are on, if you have many rows.

But those sticky things, you could use them as well, but it’s less convenient for me.

I like to place a blank post-it note just under the row I’m on, and then each row, move up the post-it note.


That was something I did as well, but I found it too annoying to move the post-it up after each row, so I opted for the colored chart method.

All those suggestions were helpful and I am finally seeing the Logo on both sides.

Oh boy… silly me, on the right side it reads correctly—Dodgers
on the wrong side it reads— sregdoD

haha to me!

I am proceeding with row one by the left side of the D moving across that way. I wonder if I read the chart with the row one at the bottom of the letters if that would be better. (Now that I think about it, it would still come out letters reversed.)

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]SueD,

In this case it is good to see
on the WS :thumbsup: as it means the RS is

The alternative of
which would mean you spelled it
on the RS. :doh:

Can you show us what it looks like (both sides) when you’re done?

I’m doing a hot pad using the NC State logo, but I chose to do Fair Isle. I’m about half done and the WS of it just looks like a mess of red dashes! :wink:

– Jack[/COLOR][/FONT]