Double knitted headband pattern wanted

I have just joined this site and I am so excited. I work with special ed. students and I would like to make them a double knitted headband. Does anyone have a simple pattern or know of one that I could order?


you don’t need a pattern! How old are your students? This can be a great tie-in to math, if you have them create their own pattern. (i’ teach music and I work with our BD and ED departments doing knitting/math, the kids love it!)

are you thinking headband like hold my hair back headband, or a keep my ears warm in winter headband?

I am looking for a winter headband. The students that I work with are Severely Multiply Impaired. Their ages range from 13 years old to 26 years old. Their mental ability is that of a child younger than a year in age. So for them to participate they wouldn’t be able to. I was hoping to make them a headband to keep their ears warm this winter. Thanks for replying.

Oh! Well, in any case, you can try knitting pattern central

Thanks for the website. I will check it out.