Double Knitted Afghan Pattern

I’m trying to find a double knitted afghan patterns. I can’t find one anywhere. The only thing I have been able to find knitted this way is the tutorial on this site.

I’d prefer to find patterns than to make up my own but if all else fails I’ll be experimenting on my own…

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

If you mean an afghan knit with two strands of worsted weight yarn I’ve done several. I just pick a stitch I like from my encyclopedias of knitting stitches, work out the number of stitches required, use double strands, and go from there.

In the What’cha Knitting category there’s a picture of the last one I completed. That one is adapted from a baby blanket in a windmill pattern.


You can also use any pattern you like and just knit with double strands. Also requires doubling the yarn required.


Using two strands is normally referred to as ‘double strand.’ Here’s an actual double knitted afghan/blanket that I’ve done. Fun and great looking. You could increase size as needed:

Looks great in three pastels for baby/toddler but color combos are endless.


That is the type of blanket I’ve been looking to make. I’ve been doing my samples to try this out by knitting 1 and purling 1 instead of slipping and then doing the other side.

Have you seen any books on it or other designs? I think for my first full blanket I’ll do something geometric like that though.


Wow, so much work! I can’t believe you made one, Cam. I’d hesitate to knit an afghan at all, but to do essentially 2-in-1, yikes! Do you have pics?

mwedzi, sorry, no pics. (It was a while back and didn’t have access to dig cam at the time.) It works up fairly quickly and I love architectural stitch work so the plaid, stripe was very much to my liking.


I found a website that has exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve tested it out in 3 colors but it is a pain and takes even longer. 2 colors will be good enough for me. :slight_smile: