Double knit

I am trying to do a double knit scarf. My idea is to have a border of alternating colors (blue and white) as seen in the picture. Then start all of one side white and the other side blue. Ending with the alternating rows again. I have been able to figure out the alternating colors border, but I can not figure out how to get all one color on one side. Right now I am using the opposite color as on the needle to do the stitch. So if I have a blue knit st to do I use the white strand to complete the st. How do I make one side all one color??? :thinking:

On the side facing you, you will knit with one color and purl with the other color. When you turn your work, reverse the colors with which you knit & purl.

In other words, on the “right” side, knit the blue sts with blue and purl the white with white. When you turn to the “wrong” side, purl the blue sts with blue yarn, and knit the white sts with white yarn.

You will end up with two separate fabrics with the wrong sides facing each other…I would suggest you keep the alternating colors as a border, as otherwise your 2 fabrics wont be connected up the sides of the scarf.

Does that make sense?

It may help you to watch the video on double knitting…I think its on the “advanced techniques” tab…

Thank you so much! For some reason the way you explained it made so much more sense then all the sites I have been on and the video. :cheering:

YAYY! Glad I could help!