Double knit knitting board help needed

I need help on a double knit knitting board. What causes stitches to reverse sides While using the Figure 8 stitch? On a double knit board and using the figure 8 stitch, you should get a knit like stitch on one side and a crisscross kind of stitch on the other side. Well, at first things look like they’re going OK, then all of a sudden I get crisscross stitches on the same side as the knit like stitches and then knit like stitches on the crisscross stitch side. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I would definitely need your help!
Thx, Debra

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I don’t do loom knitting but is this the way you’re doing the stitch?
Are you using two colors, one on each side?

(I like the tip about using the scrap yarn to pull down on the finished fabric.)

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Samonmac thx so much for your help. yes I have watched more than a dozen YouTube videos on the Figure 8 stitch. I’ve gone on numberous websites and spent hours reading up on double knit boards/looms and how to use them. I’m just frustrated at this point because I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong, I watched the video link you sent and yes I’ve seen that one also. it’s amazing how many different ways there are to do the one stitch.
No, I did not double up on the yarn, but I am using a chunky yarn. I am using a knitting board loom that is wood and the pegs are closer together than those plastic looms I’ve seen all over the place.
Yes I have been using an anchor yarn since my wooden loom has a narrow opening for the knitted product to go through. It helps out a lot.
Again, thank you so much for your time to help a beginner (me)'at knitting, I do appreciate your help.

I can imagine how frustrating this is. Can you post a photo of what’s happening? Use the little up arrow icon at the top of the reply box.

Ok this 1st photo is the one I found on the internet and fell in love with…it shows both sides of the scarf…

The next two photos show my scarf and how the stitches started to switch sides…is it a matter of tension?

I sure hope you can see these photos!
Thx Debra

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I can see why you love this scarf. It’s gorgeous.
Is it possibly a problem with the way some sts are wrapped? The pattern you’re getting is pretty but I understand that you want a consistent look.

I am working on the same scarf but Figure 8 looks the same on both sides. (v’s on both sides) I am new to Loom knitting (crochet usually) and I am using the same yarn as pictured. Any suggestions?

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I only dabbled in Figure 8 stitch thus far but you have to be careful about wrapping correctly and working it correctly. I am a little confused, myself. Use a marker of some type? A little rubber band on the starting peg?