Double knit hat

I would love to knit a double knit hat. No design. Just one colour on one side and a different colour on the other. So reversible in other words.

I have looked at you tube and ravelry. Nothing seems the same as what I have done before in dk. I used two colours and would k1 in the main colour and p1 in the
Contrasting colour.

I figure I could just begin doing that but have two questions. Would using circular needles and
Magic loop work?

How would you decrease for the crown! You have to keep it so each colour is on its own side. Is it possible?


Yes, you can certainly do this. There are lots of fancier patterns on Ravelry but you can leave out the motifs and simply knit a plain, two-sided hat.
Take a look at some of these and use the pattern as a template. We also have some double knit hat makers here who can tell you about their method and experience, I’m sure.

Hi Mod Squad

I am trying slither around my head. Just making it plain
On each side but different colours. Interesting how you cast on mc
And add the cc later.


Doing it now (except with a color design). I’m using single loop magic loop.
Decreasing is a matter of rearranging. The 4 stitches you want to decrease are arranged ABAB, you want them arranged AABB. You can pick up A around the 1st B to k2tog, when you pull them off B slips, pick it back up. Or you can slip the As to the other needle around B pulling B off, pick it back up and slip the As back and do whatever other decrease you had in mind. It gets to be second nature and the slipped B isn’t off the needle long if that type of thing makes you afraid. You don’t have to have a bunch of stitches off the needles.

Oh boy it sounds challenging! I am now c/o stitches
To begin.

Would you post the pix of yours when you are ready to?

Right at the start of this in my 2 socks at once double knitting videos I show decreasing. It’s slightly different because socks are both knit side facing, hats are knit and purl facing.

Almost time to start decreasing.

Wow. So interesting! Thank you!