Double Knit Cap - Gauge Question

I’m making a hat for my wife - it’s my first double knit project. The gauge on the pattern says 3.5 sts for 1’’. I have approx 5 sts for 1’’. It’s this project on ravelry.

I have already done 10 rows (which for my speed and double knitting is a pretty big chunk of time)…but now I’m a bit concerned. If I’m thinking about this clearly, my gauge should make it smaller than the pattern, correct? I’m making the large, and if it’s smaller, I think that will be fine, but i’m a little concerned if it’s larger.

Thanks! (I really need to do a gauge before I start my next project :/)

Your gauge is smaller, so you would have a smaller hat, which if you’re making the larger size, may turn out okay. Divide your 5 sts per inch into the number of stitches and see what measurement you get. If it’s an inch or so smaller than your wife’s head measurement, you’re okay. If it’s more than 3" smaller, it may be a problem.

You are correct it would make it tighter (smaller)…Here is a great website that breaks down gauge issues
and then also here is a site that helps youcheck your gauge in the round:thumbsup:

Well that math just makes too much sense! Thanks! I think we’re probably alright at 23.6’’.

Thanks! I’ll keep those bookmarked.

That’s pretty large, you want the actual hat to be a little smaller than the head size or it’s too big and falls off.