Double hem but for neckline?

In the never-ending attempt to have stockinette without curling, I’m knitting a sweater with a double hem. I think this is the term, I don’t know any of the proper terminology. Basically I provisionally CO stitches, knit stockinette for some time, then folded the bit in half, put the provisional stitches onto another needle, and knit the last row and the first row of stitches together (like a 3-needle BO without the BO) and continued on. This gives the appearance of just stockinette without rolling.

Now I am wondering if there is a way I can do this for the neck with a scoop-type neckline. I can think of one or two ways, but I don’t like them so much. One way is kinda fiddly, involving putting end stitches from the sloping part of the shaping onto stitch holders. The other is just knitting a double hem separately and then sewing it on. I thought maybe I could also pick up sts, leave them on onr needle, cut the yarn and pick up stitches from that, knit stockinette, then fold it over and do a 3 needle BO with the last row and the first row of sts. This is the way I’m leaning towards now, but I’m wondering if there is some other simpler or more natural way of doing this. Anyone know of anything?


I think it’s the Hourglass sweater in Last Minute Knitted Gifts(?) that has a hem like this. You do a turning row, any increases to match decreases you might have done in the inch or so before the turning row, then knit a stitch on the the needle together with a stitch along the row where your edge meets when you turn the hem under and BO. Don’t know if that was clear enough…

Thanks, Sue. I don’t know what a “turning row” means, though. I’ve googled Hourglass and see what you mean, though, and this is what I want in a scoop neck version. It looks kinda boat neck? I can’t tell.

If the neck edge is straight, doing it would be easier, I think. Just do a row where I purl on the RS (is this a “turning row”?) then knit some more, fold over, and knit the stitches from the last row I knit together with the stitches from that special row. Is this how it’s done with the Hourglass?

Yes, the turning row is a purl row on the WS, but you don’t knit the stitches from that row, it’s the one you fold over. You would do it on a row 5 or 6 rows down from it, depending on how deep you want the hem. One inch would probably be about right.

Ahhh, yes, that’s what I did for the hem, a purl row on the RS. I think the Hourglass way will not work because of the slope of the neckline. It would be pretty difficult doing this with a v- or scoop-neck, no? Because you couldn’t do one straight row of sts, but have to do it horizontally and vertically over a slope.

I think I may just go with the last way I mentioned in my first post.

Well the Hourglass pattern has decs on the rows just before the turning row, then incs on the hem rows to match the incs. You probably couldn’t easily do it on a V or scoop, no, but it might be able to be done.