Double ended crochet hook

i was looking at something totally different and came across a double enede crochet hook, what on the earth is this for please?

im curious now

thank you

It’s for cro-hooking or crochet on the double. I believe it’s a variant
of Tunisian crochet. Here is a website I found with come pics:

I’ve only tried it once so definitely not an expert. :slight_smile:


The site you referred to is excellent and another name for the hook is afghan hook. It can be used in Tunisian crochet for small pieces but for the larger project a more traditional hook for Tunisian crochet must be used.

It is a crohook. What’s awesome is when you get into the rhythm, it’s really easy to do.

They look scary to a complete beginer lol.

i’m sure uts like a cable needle or something to a non knitter :teehee:

I currently have two sizes of double ended crochet hooks (F & H I think :think:). When I was a child, my mom taught me how to crochet and the cro-hook was the first thing she handed me. I quickly completed a thick two color ribbed stocking hat (or toboggan) with a matching scarf.

Some thirty years later I still have it and use it (when ever it gets cold enought in N Carolina). :roll:

With two ends, you can carry two colors of yarn (one each end) and change colors without cutting and weaving ends. :thumbsup: