Double asterisk after direction?

Row 6 or 11 for example - I’m new to knitting and swear I’ve looked everywhere for other examples of this but can’t find anything! Any help would be much appreciated! I don’t understand what these asterisks mean, they don’t make sense compared to what I thought they’re supposed to mean

Can you post a link of the pattern I think you will find as you progressed further in the pattern that you will be asked to repeat between lines. Take a look at the left back leg I think that you will find exactly what I’m talking about Asterisks re used to indicate repetition of a particular part of the pattern. Once i habe a link i can explain it more in depth.

I ran across something similar to this for the dragon I recently made. Directions for the legs were the same until I reached the single asterisk. Then they were different until the double asterisk so I followed a different set of instructions for the second leg until I reached the triple asterisk where the directions were the same again for both legs. It has something to do with the fact that knees and elbows bend mirrored to each other so it has to be created likewise in knitting.

I notice that the picture has “right back leg” at the top. You might check the left back leg instructions to see if that’s the case here.

That is exactly what I was trying to explain to Brandonmance.

Awesome! Thanks for the replies! I think that makes sense. Here’s the two full pages To hopefully verify. So does this mean that I’ll continue on with the right back leg like normal? And then the right front leg is the same as rows 1-6 as the back right leg. Since that’s the other set of double asterisks? Again, thanks! This is my very first attempt at knitting… maybe too ambitious haha

That helps it is telling you to. Work the back left leg exactly like the right until you reach the triple asterisks.

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Thank you so much!

Glad i could help