DOOH! Slap forehead!

Ugh!!! I just have to vent! I’m making this really simple hat for my daughter. It’s a no brainer. So in the instructions is says k4 yo k2tog k2 repeat until end and then continue in stockinette stitch for 2". Simple enough. Well, I had never done a yo before, no biggie, I thought. I was in the car (not driving, obviously,…:roflhard: ) so I called my Mom and she told me what to do. I misunderstood and did it wrong and had to frog 1". Then I looked in my book, did it wrong and had to frog 1". Then I looked here on the videos, did it correctly and realized I had misread the pattern and had to frog 1". THEN I got the stitch correct, did the pattern right and ended up with an EXTRA STITCH and had to frog AGAIN!!! I can’t believe the yarn isn’t grey and all yucky!! It’s this wonderful cotton yarn in a camel color. Thank goodness it’s really forgiving. I FINALLY got it right but my hands hurt so badly I can’t knit anymore tonight. Ugh!

Just had to vent. I can’t imagine how you all do those complicated lace patterns without setting it all on fire!!! Whew!!! This was one line with a couple of yo’s and it about killed me!!! hahaha!

My sympathies!:hug: We’ve all been there. . .:wall: :frog:

Reading your story reminds me of a scarf I made! It was from Berroco Foliage (it is kind of thick and thin) I had knit about a 1/3 of the scarf and realized there was a mistake in the pattern! Started over and tried to fix it, well I frogged again! I think I frogged 1 more time, then I decided to try it on some old acrylic I had laying around. I finally figured it out and finished my scarf. It is so frustrating. I hope the rest of the hat is better!

At least you are taking it in stride. I’ve tossed my knitting against walls.

Oh man, I’m tellin’ ya,…my son is having a little trouble with getting frustrated and angry at kindergarten so I am trying so hard to set a better example than I have in the past. :teehee: In the past I have really not handled this sort of thing in the best way. This time I kept saying “Gosh, mommy is so frustrated! It’s Ok though because I’ll figure it out.” By frog #4 I was gritting my teeth!!!

Sounds like what I did all weekend. It seemed that it didn’t matter what I picked up I was frogging it. I am working on a lace pattern shawl and that was all I did, so I put aside and was working on a baby blanket, also frogged that, so I waited about 2 hours and decided to try a pair of mittens. Finally I was frogging. So for the next week I guess that’s what I’ll work on mittens for whatever child or young adult is on the Christmas list. At least then it’s not a wasted effort.

I was knitting a simple hat. Had a little mistake in the ribbing and said to myself, it’s no biggy. I was ready to decrease stitches and it didn’t say to start on the knit side and all decreases were knit. It came out that the knitting was on wrong side and looked really weird. I am going to have to pull it out. Also, I started on a sweater and have been knitting 92 stitches for 27 rows to check gauge. Well, I thought it was the start of the sweater and today I realize all of this knitting is just for the gauge and I will have to start again for the beginning of the sweater. I have decided I am not very good at knitting.:grrr:

I usually have several false starts before I make anything. I guess I’m used to frogging by now. Don’t consider it “your fault” or take it personally. I honestly think it takes a few tries to get used to a new yarn, new set of needles, new pattern, etc. After a few tries, your hands will just know what to do with that yarn, those needles, etc.

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I am so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who does this type of thing.

Knitting is not intuitive for all of us, especially me. However, I envy those of you who can look at something and knit it up right away.

The [I]one[/I] thing that I’m really good at is cooking and baking. (Yes, they are one thing to me.)