Don't you find it annoying

Don’t you find it so frustrating that you can’t take knitting needles on aircraft in case you kill someone?
I think that it is justified when talking about small/metal needles, however applying the rule to blunt plastic ones (especially the large ones) is just rediculous. I think that if they take that attitude then they should also bad drop spindles in case someone tries to hang themselves or someone else!
Do ppl agree?

It’s my understanding that many airlines do allow knitting needles these days. I guess the airlines realized it’s safer to have knitters with needles than knitters without them. :wink:


Where did you hear that? Lots of topics about the fact that you can take them on airplanes in this forum. Us the search at the top to find them. Here’s the TSA info.

When I last went to Germany (4 weeks ago) I wasn’t allowed them on the plane.

I just flew to CA from GA and back two weeks ago and had no problems–I’m flying to Providence RI in July–I wonder if it’s an internation thing…?

I wonder how many baddies would be disguising themselves on a plane by knitting!? Seems unlikely to me. I guess someone thinks it is possible. Oh well, I’m lucky. I never fly anywhere anyway. :smiley: samm

It’s an international thing. TSA will allow them domestically, but Australia/New Zealand won’t allow them. (Which I find very amusing since they produce so much of our yarn!) I’m sure there are other countries that won’t allow them either.

However, other countries will allow lighters in checked baggage and the US they are not allowed. :thinking:

My recommendation is to carry bamboo needles and keep a low profile. Be prepared to either mail your needles back to yourself, or just leave them with security. Check on an expat or travel board to see if they are “legal” on the flights.

Oh, and don’t leave your knitting on the plane because you’ll never find it again!

Still haven’t gotten your project back? :frowning:

i think it depends on the airlines… you can check the website of the airlines your going to use and they usely tell you weather or not you can use them on the flight… i know last year i have no problems with my needles on North Western Airlines…