Don't understand this pattern, help please

I have just got this pattern leaflet ‘Patons Fab Big Colour leaflet 3872’

The hat is simple rib and garter stitch which i know how to do, unfortunately it is knitted using 5 double point needles which i have never used and don’t really have any idea how to, could you not just use circular needles? Tho i have never used them either lol.

However it is the scarf which i want to do most and the pattern is confusing me somewhat, it is bramble pattern (which after youtubing I understand) with crossed dropped stitches.

The pattern says to cast on 26 sts and work 24 rows even in bramble pattern then K 1 WS row.
The bramble pattern is: Mult of 6 + 2 selvage sts.
Row 1 (WS): Selvage st, *P5tog, work 5 into 1 st (= K1, P1, K1, P1, K1), rep 3 times from *, selvage st.
Row 2: P.
Row 3: Selvage st, *work 5 sts into 1 st, P5tog, rep 3 times from *, selvage st
Row 4: P.

This is then repeated for the required number of times.

I have no idea what a selvage st is :???: , I have tried to google it but am no wiser, it seems there are different forms of selvage st: one-stitch selvages and slip-stitch selvages (which has 3 variations - English, French, German).

Can someone please help me understand?! Does it simply mean that i have to K the first and last stitch of the WS (odd) rows as the RS (even) row is all Purl? Or do I just slip the first stitch of each WS row?

After casting on the first stitch is selvage stitch and I dont know what I am doing

Thanks, Sam xx

A selvage stitch is a stitch at the beginning or end of a row that is not part of the pattern repeat. It can be worked several different ways. You can slip it if you want or knit it. It can be knit on both sides or knit on one side and purled on the other depending upon the pattern and what you intend to do later on - a stockinette edge stitch is much easier to seam, for instance.

On a scarf, if the pattern doesn’t specify you might want to use the slip stitch edge stitch. Knit the last stitch of each row. When you turn your work, wyif slip the first stitch purlwise. You could if you prefer knit the first and last stitch of each row for a garter selvage stitch. I mix edge stitch and selvage stitch and maybe they aren’t fully interchangeable. I hope it doesn’t confuse you further.

If you look for videos for edge stitches you’ll find more ways of dealing with them.

Bramble stitch which is also called trinity or blackberry stitch is usually done with multiples of 3sts but you can certainly do it with multiples of 5. Here’s a video for it with a multiple of 3. You would increase the k1, p1, k1 into a single stitch with another p1, k1 for your pattern.

I’ve worked patterns written for dpn’s on circular needles. I used markers to define which stitches went with which needle so that I could follow the pattern instructions. Example: 30 sts, 10 on each dpn, I cast on 10 place a marker, cast on 10 place a marker, cast on the last 10 and use the end of round marker to mark the last stitch on the 3rd needle.

Thank you.

This is why the pattern confuses me because in the method it only puts the selvage stitch on the same row as the bramble stitch pattern and not on the row which is all purl.

The video i watched on youtube ( had a knit stitch as first and last stitch of every row.

As you’ve found out from videos and as GG mentioned, there are different ways to do the selvage or edge stitch. See if your pattern tells you how it would like the selvage stitch done. If it doesn’t specify, you could do it in purl on row 1 (and all odd rows) and in purl on row 2 (and all even rows). Since row 2 is already all purl, that would follow the pattern as given.
Alternaitively, you could experiment on a swatch and see which edge you prefer.