Don't understand a pattern

Hi! What do you think “rem” means in pattern. this pattern

says “71 sts rem.”

there are MORE than 71 stitches on my needle if I finish that row following the instructions.

Then it goes onto say,
Next Row: Cast on 4 (Button band), k to end - 75 sts.

it is telling me to knit on a row that would be a pearl row normally.

WE can’t tell if that “Next Row” is really the end of the previous row, or if I actually do knit on the pearl row and the 75 sts is the 71 from the previous row with the cast on 4 added.

My mom in law who is an expert knitter isn’t even sure what to do. I’ve been knitting and trying to fix it so it’s like the pattern says, and we laugh and I take it out, and try something else and we laugh and take it out…I’d really like to know what it really means!
I’m not sure how I added so many stitches that the row that says it should have 71 sts has 76 stitches, after knitting two together across the row, that would be 12 extra stitches on the row previous to it.
I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help anyone can give!

It won’t let me post the link, but it’s the Baby Rose Bud doll dress pattern on the Mary Maxim website.

It means ‘remaining’. After you do the decs you should have 71 left. Perhaps you need to do more dec rows. Or maybe you had too many sts to start with, or decreased incorrectly. You should have an odd number of sts and you have an even number.

You can type in a few of the rows so we can figure out why you have too many stitches.