Don't need much help but

Okay so, I think this pattern is kinda pricey, but who knows I MIGHT buy it …thinks to self - refrain, refrain

Okay, so obviously there’s three parts. I think I got the straps figured out - two rectangles of varying lengths. But then the bottom part has to be a big bowl right? Just a big bowl that steadily increases… How big do you think it’d be before felting?

I have no idea when I might attempt to make this bag, but I really love it.

Even if you don’t want to make any of these bags, you can get a guideline on the construction. The one you posted says its sold out anyway.

I’ve tried to get that bag forever and it’s always sold out!!!
[color=red]EDIT[/color]: It may be found from googling ‘Two Old Bags’ patterns!!!

FYI, I think it’s gonna be kind of large before felting…lol; especially if it takes 2 skeins of Lionbrand Fisherman’s @ 465 yds per skein, of course, you don’t necessarily use it all…(knitpicks ‘color your own’ worsted wt is same thing)

Lucy Bag is basically the same thing

Wow, those are pretty much the same thing. They look a little different, like maybe they did less increases at the top, or the small rectangle closer is too big.

I’m thinking that at Lion Brand, maybe it always says it’s sold out because people still order it even when it says sold out, so as soon as it isn’t sold out, the orders are already filled from people back ordering

that it gets sold out again. I’m sure they can ship it as soon as it’s in stock. I’m just hesitant to buy any pattern from lion brand again because last time I did, I bought a bikini pattern with cover up, and a few months later they made it one of their free patterns. I was so upset.

They are the same pattern…if you look at the top of the page in small print it says “4025A - Pre-Printed Pattern: Lucy Felted Bag.” :smiley:

I didnt see that on the link rebecca gave, but maybe I’m missing something? :thinking:

The Lion Brand pattern says it’s the Lucy Bag up in the heading.

haha i know that, but I didnt see that on the other link that rebecca posted. I know they are pretty much called the same thing tho, but the stitches and everything may not be. The other people may call it the Lucy bag because it resembles it…I’m starting to get confused ahhh